Can I Go to a Walk-In Clinic for Hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoids are a surprisingly common condition that can happen abruptly without warning. Some folks dealing with hemorrhoids for the first time would naturally gravitate to the closest walk-in clinic to get checked out. 

Due to where hemorrhoids occur and the level of severity, you might want to think about how much help a walk-in clinic can offer you. 


General Walk-In Clinic

In Calgary, there are multiple walk-in clinics to choose from as they’re meant to be easily accessible to the public. If someone needs to see a physician quickly, it can easily be done since walk-ins don’t require appointments generally. Also, if you’re without a family doctor, going to a walk-in clinic is a quick and efficient way to get medical attention. 

All walk-in clinics have family physicians since their specialty lies in not having one. Instead, they’re able to understand and diagnose most general health problems by listening to your medical concerns and symptoms.

Walk-Ins & Hemorrhoids

Generally, it’s recommended to go see your doctor if you’re dealing with hemorrhoids. However, not everyone has a doctor. In this case, a general walk-in clinic is a good start in having your symptoms heard from a physician. 

Since hemorrhoids are a common condition, walk-in physicians will have basic knowledge of what it is and would be able to offer medical assistance. Many would be able to help you treat your milder symptoms of hemorrhoids by giving you insight on what to do. Plus, they can let you know if your symptoms are more intense, in case you need to take a more serious approach to your hemorrhoid.

However, since they do not specialize in hemorrhoid treatment, walk-in physicians are limited on how much they can help you. If you’re dealing with severe symptoms of hemorrhoids, you wouldn’t want to go to a walk-in clinic since you would need more specialized care. But if you do, the physician at the walk-in can give you a referral to a hemorrhoid specialist.


A Hemorrhoid Clinic

Unfortunately, there is no specific walk-in clinic for hemorrhoid treatment. However, there is a silver lining. Even though a walk-in clinic might not be effective for severe cases of hemorrhoids, their referral can make it easier for you to be able to book an appointment with a hemorrhoid clinic.

With a hemorrhoid clinic, they can treat the following forms of hemorrhoids:

  • Internal Hemorrhoids
  • External Hemorrhoids
  • Combined Hemorrhoids
  • Thrombosed Hemorrhoids
  • Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

In extreme cases, hemorrhoid clinics would even be able to treat your hemorrhoid through surgery.


Generally, going to a walk-in is a good starting point when seeking hemorrhoid treatment and can help facilitate in passing you over to a more specialized medical professional in their stead. Their initial help goes a long way towards figuring out how to best recover from your hemorrhoid. 


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