The Different Grades of Hemorrhoids

Using excessive processed food and a sedentary lifestyle has caused health issues for many. One of the issues is hemorrhoids. A hemorrhoid is a condition of the anal area as a lump may appear on the inner side of the anus. Depending on the type of hemorrhoid, it can come out of the anus and cause more discomfort. 

It’s why the medical field has classified them into different grades. 

Based on severity, you may not need to find hemorrhoid removal in Calgary for the lower stages of this condition. A hemorrhoid removal procedure is essential as it progresses and patients suffer from upper-grade hemorrhoids. A specialist can help you by physical inspection of the hemorrhoids or endoscopy. 

Here are the different grades of hemorrhoids here.

What Grades Might Need Hemorrhoid Removal in Calgary

Grade 1 

It is the lowest grade of hemorrhoids. Grade one hemorrhoids do not come out of the anus. These lumps stay inside the anal cavity as you may not feel anything like a lump coming out of your anus as you push to poop. A specialist will not recommend finding hemorrhoid removal in Calgary since this grade does not cause more discomfort. Adding more fibre to your diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the best way to manage grade one piles. Piles of stage one can swell due to constipation. A specialist may recommend using anal creams to resolve the issues.

Grade 2 

If a person with grade one hemorrhoids does not change his lifestyle, the condition will change to grade two. In grade two, lumps do not stay inside the anus. You may observe a lump coming out of the anus during evacuation. Some might observe the lump coming out of the anal cavity as soon as they sit on the toilet seat. Problems will go inside the anus automatically after defecation. People with stage two lumps do not have severe symptoms when not sitting on the toilet seat. A specialist may only suggest the removal procedure when other risk factors exist.

Grade 3

You must consult a medical specialist because the lump may not go back to the anus automatically. In the third stage, you have to use manual methods to push back the lump inside the anal cavity. Internal bleeding is also a crucial factor that forces us to visit a specialist. If you do not resolve the issue soon, you can suffer from low hemoglobin levels due to blood loss. Frequent bloody stool is also an indication of the third stage. Your doctor may suggest the removal procedure because it may affect your health.

Grade 4

It is the most severe grade of hemorrhoids because you cannot reduce the size or push back the lumps with physical force. There are fewer treatment options at this stage. Most doctors will refer you to a surgeon who will check the condition of your hemorrhoids with a physical exam or endoscopy. Specialist surgeons can help you recover from the surgical procedure with less discomfort as they will make a small incision in the area with no nerve endings. 

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