How To Treat Anal Fissures


Rectal ripping is a painful condition that almost everyone will experience at some point in their lives. Anal tears are an affliction that affects individuals of all ages, including newborns. This ailment is highly prevalent and can feel tricky to treat. 

If you have ever suffered from rectal lacerations, you are well aware of the amount of suffering that they may bring about. We can teach you how to cure anal fissures and end the discomfort as soon as possible!


Factors That Cause Anal Fissures

The strain of passing stools is the primary cause of these minute lacerations in the walls of the anal canal. Constipation and diarrhea can exert excessive stress on the digestive channel, stretching the tissue to the point where it becomes weaker and creates tiny rips.

While not harmful to your overall health, they may create significant discomfort, making it difficult to carry out daily tasks without being in agony.


Below are key indicators of anal fissures:

  • A burning/itching feeling in the affected area.
  • Notice tiny drops of blood present in the toilet bowl or stool itself.
  • A yellowish discharge of mucus

Doctors can identify this problem just by describing symptoms and a visual examination in most cases. If the rips are not apparent outside the rectum, your doctor may do an internal inspection under general anesthesia. This is often done to rule out the possibility of severe ailment causing rectal bleeding like a bowel obstruction.


Rectal Lacerations: What to Do If You Have One

It may take many months for these tears to heal on their own, which is why most individuals prefer to use topical pain medication to treat them as soon as they arise. A common home remedy for itching and burning is sitting in a warm (not hot) shallow water bath.

Additionally, a local pharmacy can provide ointments and lotions to alleviate persistent discomfort. Pain relievers available over the counter may be used numerous times per day as required for relief.

Anal fissures are common enough to be treated effectively, where most individuals do not need surgery to repair cracks. However, persistence after many months, your doctor may offer surgery as a last option if the wounds do not heal.


Holistic Treatment to Rectal Tears

Did you know wheatgrass can be instrumental in remedying anal fissures?

From treating thousands of patients with a range of ailments, wheatgrass promotes natural healing in several situations, such as wounds, burns, fractures, and namely anal fissures as well. 

When wheatgrass is applied, it can “normalize” injured tissue in specific ways by mending quickly. It is said to significantly impact auto-immune illnesses symptoms such as acne rosacea and psoriasis in certain patients. In other words, it seems to have an immunomodulatory effect on the skin’s surface.

As a result, the bodily fluids are kept in while the germs are kept out, and the patient’s discomfort is alleviated. 


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