Treatment Modalities
Your diagnosis – A precise treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis

The diagnosis begins with a physical examination, which includes visual inspection, anoscopy, and DRE (digital rectal examination).

Perianal Area Examination

Anoscope Examination

Digital Rectal Examination

Examination and treatment positions: easy, fast, and helpful.

You will be assigned one of these roles based on the requirements of the diagnosis and treatment plan.

Examination Position

Knee Chest

Procedure &Examination Position


Examination Position


Procedure & Examination Position

Knee-chest, Side-lying

Guoyi Proctology Therapy - Understand the unique and effective treatment you are receiving.

Guoyi Proctology therapy — a unique naturopathic modality that combines both minor-surgical and non-surgical procedures with BZS (Ba Zhi San) series ointment, aiming to resolve anal diseases at their root.

The main benefits of Guoyi Proctology Therapy are:

Anorectal Minor Surgical Treatment

Minor surgical techniques use local anesthesia to perform the incision and excision in a pain-free manner. After that, the full therapeutic effects of the Ba Zhi San ointment are leveraged to ensure the sphincters remain intact. This non-invasive procedure is reserved for addressing specific symptoms. The procedure spans 10 to 40 minutes and is carried out in an outpatient setting.

It is suitable in the following situations:
Some basics about minor surgical treatment include:

Non-Surgical anorectal Treatment

Our exclusive BZS (Ba Zhi San) ointments medicine can detoxify and relieve anal bleeding, perianal pain, and itching. The pharmacological effect dissolves decay and promotes muscle growth, drying of hemorrhoid roots, and wound healing. This helps to resolve hemorrhoids.

Non-Surgical Anorectal Treatment is suitable for:
The benefits of this treatment include:

Post-treatment phase of anorectal disease

Since we understand the importance of post-treatment care, we take a very unique approach to this phase. During the hemorrhoid post-treatment, we focus on stage one, which is a mandatory stage for daily care. This is important since our technique removes the hemorrhoids partially and progressively. Differently put, we do not remove all the hemorrhoids at once.

Stage one of post-treatment care involves the application of the Ba Zhi San Ointment to dry off the hemorrhoids. For this reason, patients can have normal bowel movements from the second day of the surgery. The minimal trauma and application of the Ba Zhi San Ointment eliminates the need for patients to be admitted to the clinic. They can simply drive to the clinic to receive post-treatment care in most of the cases.

The main features of post-treatment are:

BZS (Ba Zhi San) Series Ointment 

General Function

BZS (Ba Zhi San) ointments are cream-based medicines infused with a unique botanical formula that relieves pain, stops bleeding, reduces inflammation and swelling, combat infections, detoxifies the nearby tissues, eliminates slough, and promotes wound healing granulation. Each ointment serves a specific function at a specific location in the anal canal. In other words, your doctor will choose the best BZS (Ba Zhi San) ointments for you based on your symptoms, the location of the lesions, and previous responses to other types.

The BZS (Ba Zhi San) ointments restore proper muscle function and connective tissue, which resolves anal conditions. The pharmacological mechanism of these ointments includes the blockage of venous blood supply and the elimination of moisture from the body.

Personalized Therapy

The application of BZS (Ba Zhi San) ointments achieves an ideal treatment effect that addresses both symptoms and underlying causes, which reduces the treatment duration and prevents recurrence. Tailored formulations of BZS (Ba Zhi San) ointments are created based on diagnosis and symptoms, ensuring effective treatment for specific conditions. Personalized dosages maximize optimal results for each patient.