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N.A. Hemorrhoids Centre is an award-winning, innovative naturopathic clinic with multiple locations in Canada, China and Australia. Our clinic is unique, specializing in the naturopathic treatment of anorectal diseases. Our offerings include surgical and nonsurgical treatment of internal and external hemorrhoids, anal fistulas, anal fissures, anal skin tags, anal abscesses and more. Our treatments are fast, and our clinicians have treated thousands of patients. If you struggle with anal pain, bleeding, or itching, you can trust our 40 years of clinical experience and time-proven treatments for long-term relief from your symptoms. We have hemorrhoid clinics in Calgary and Vancouver that serve the regions of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the United States.

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Specialties At Our Hemorrhoid Clinic In Calgary


Bleeding, Pain, Prolapsed, Swelling

How We Treat
● Can treat internal, external, mixed and thrombus hemorrhoids and perianal hematoma
● Fast end to bleeding and pain
● Permanent treatment plan
● Minor surgery may be needed

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Anal Fistulas

Purulent Fluid, Pus Drainage, Pain

How We Treat
● Silver probe examination
● Distinguish tunnels accurately
● Non-surgical treatment
● Topical herbal medicine
● Healed without scarring
● High-quality care plan

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Anal Fissures

Pain, Infected, Burning Sensation

How We Treat
● Fast end to pain
● Complete solution for chronic and reoccurring anal fissures
● Natural healing method
● Prevention information provided after recovery

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Anal Abscesses

Discharge, Pus Drainage, Pain, Redness

How We Treat
● Fast treatment to prevent fistula formation
● Minor surgical treatment required
● Uses BZS ointment
● High-quality care plan
● Permanent cure

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Anal Skin Tags

Irritated, Annoying, Embarrassed, Inflamed

How We Treat
● Minor surgery without anal tightness
● We aim for perfect results
● Short recovery period
● No downtime
● Uses BZS ointment

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Anal Eczema

Itching, Burning, Rash

How We Treat
● Fast end to discomfort
● Individualized treatment
● High-quality consultation
● Prevention information provided after recovery
● Food sensitivity test supplied

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Why You May Need to Visit Our Clinic
Results Guaranteed

We offer free rechecks and reassessments within one year. Unlike other practitioners, we continue treatment until the hemorrhoid is completely cleared, regardless of the number of treatment applications required.

Start Living Life Pain-free
Guoyi Proctology
A natural and non-invasive alternative treatment

Guoyi Proctology Therapy is a unique and effective treatment protocol that quickly and efficiently reduces anorectal disease symptoms and corrects the root cause of the problem. Our body has natural healing functions. Based on each patient’s unique symptoms, we may apply minor surgical treatment and Ba Zhi San as part of your therapy plan.

Ba Zhi San Series Ointment
Our hemorrhoid treatment uses a naturopathic medicine methodology

Ba Zhi San reduces pain, irritation, itching and helps heal tissue injury. After applying the ointment, damaged scars and tissue fall off so that new and healthy tissue can regenerate the area, healing the affected areas. Our ointment plays a big role in the hemorrhoids healing progress.

Resolves Bleeding
and Pain Fast
Stimulates the
Body’s Healing Abilities
No Bedrest
After Minor Surgery
Involves No
Major Surgery
Minimal Pain
& Discomfort
Fast, Simple and
Individualized Care

At Our
Hemorrhoids Clinic

Our hemorrhoid treatment has proven results that have enabled us to help patients since our first hospital opened in 1979. Our hemorrhoid clinic in Calgary provides a natural remedy that offers fast, effective and long-lasting relief. The wealth of experience we provide to our patients helps assure them that relief is possible, and our high-quality care is comforting and unique. Contact us today to get free from your pain. Our Calgary clinic serves patients in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Medicine Hat and clients in neighbouring states and provinces, including but not limited to Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Montana.

Insurance & Financing

We accept extended insurance from all major medical insurance providers. If you do not have extended health insurance, we work with Medicard — an alternative payment option for patients. 

Yes. You don’t have to live with hemorrhoids indefinitely. We provide treatment based on one’s differential diagnoses.

We do not provide banding or laser hemorrhoid removal treatments. Instead, we apply a naturopathic medicine approach, where we use the least invasive procedures whenever possible, such as minor surgery and herbal/botanical medicine, to treat different types of anorectal concerns.

We categorize hemorrhoids into four grades:
Grade 1: A greater amount of blood vessels and growth coming out of the anus that is generally painless.
Grade 2: Large enough to prolapse (come out of the anus) during a bowel movement but retract back inside on their own.
Grade 3: These prolapse on straining and need manual insertion back into the anus.
Grade 4: Large prolapsed hemorrhoids that stay outside the anus and cannot be manually inserted back inside the anus.

For us to properly treat your prolapsed hemorrhoids, we need to do a thorough assessment and properly grade your hemorrhoids. Then, we can apply our Ba Zhi San treatment to dry and shrink your hemorrhoids, but the examination must come first. Book your appointment today for a complimentary consultation.

Our Ba Zhi San is a series of exclusive and proven ointments. First, it relieves pain, stops bleeding and heals wounds. Then, it allows the scars of the anal fissure to fall off so new tissue can grow. Our treatment plan is comprehensive. If you have anal stricture due to an anal fissure, call us for a complimentary consultation.

Everyone is different, with varying health conditions and concerns. Your treatment plan will be assessed by your doctor, and if you follow your treatment plan, you will regain control of your health in a timely manner.

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