What To Expect After Hemorrhoid Removal


For those diagnosed with hemorrhoids, the future can feel both set and overwhelming. While it’s undoubtedly comforting to have an answer regarding the source of your pain, the uncertainty regarding future steps can be a lot to take in.


While your doctor will thoroughly explain the surgery and how the process will look, you may still be left with questions regarding the aftermath of the removal. Therefore, here is a quick guide on what to expect following a hemorrhoid removal.


Your Guide To Hemorrhoid Removal Aftercare


Pain & Discomfort


The good news is that you will be in far less pain following your surgery. However, it is common to experience some discomfort following a hemorrhoid removal. For two to four weeks following your surgery, expect to experience pains or aches in the anal area. While each day will get better, it’s important to remember that you are recovering from an invasive procedure, so it will take time for your body to heal. 


Fortunately, you will be able to return to your regular activities within one to two weeks, provided you do not add strain or stress to your body.




While it’s important not to add undue stress on your body and to take naps when you’re tired, exercise can help you feel more energized and get back to normal. Therefore, it’s recommended that you stay active by engaging in walks or other activities that are easy on your body.



It’s important to regulate your diet following your hemorrhoid removal, as you want to ensure that your bowel movements are not requiring strain. Therefore, drink lots of water and start adding high-fibre foods to your diet two to three days after your surgery.


If your bowel movements are not regular after your surgery, speak with your doctor. They may prescribe a stool softener or mild laxative. 




While you’re at liberty to shower as often as you would normally, it’s also recommended that you sit in eight to ten centimetres of warm water for 15 to 20 minutes following bowel movements. Complete this step for as long as you are experiencing pain in your anal area. After showering or bathing, pat the area dry.


It’s also recommended that you trade in your toilet paper for baby wipes or medicated pads, as they will not irritate you.


Health & Medication


Following your surgery, your doctor will likely prescribe you pain medications. Ensure you follow their directions, and reach out if you are experiencing unmanageable pain or discomfort. It’s better to play it safe than allow a problem to persist.


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