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About N.A. Hemorrhoids Centre-Calgary

N.A. Hemorrhoids Centre-Calgary, an award-winning anorectal clinic in Calgary specializes in the treatment of hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal abscesses, anal fistulas, anal skin tags and Anal Itching (Pruritus Ani) and other common anorectal diseases.

We possess Guoyi Proctology therapy — a unique naturopathic modality combines both minor-surgical and non-surgical procedures with BZS (Ba Zhi San) series ointment, aiming to resolve anal diseases at their root.

We pride ourselves in our team of experts who have decades of expertise in anorectal minor surgery and other anal pathologies. The naturopathic specialists in our clinic are carefully selected to meet the high standards expected by our patients.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the field, we provide our patients with the highest-quality care to ensure their comfort and relief.

Our mission is to help patients relieve anal pain, bleeding, and Anal Itching (Pruritus Ani), renew with a treatment, recover smoothly, and revive their quality of life.

Consider N.A. Hemorrhoids-Calgary to be your premier destination for comprehensive Hemorrhoids and Anorectal treatments in Calgary. With multiple locations in Canada and China, our Calgary hemorrhoids clinic serves patients in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Medicine Hat as well as patients in neighboring states and provinces, including but not limited to Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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About our founder- Dr. Guoyi Chen

Born in Luzhou, China, Dr. Guoyi Chen has dedicated his life to the “Mastering of Great Skills to Alleviate the Suffering of Patients.”   Dr. Guoyi Chen is from a family with a long history of practicing Traditional Chinese medicine. The history of the Chen family is very strong as they’re known for creating effective traditional Chinese medicine formulas. For instance, Dr. Guoyi Chen cured his lymphoma by creating his own formula.  During Dr. Guoyi Chen’s long journey of medical practice, he found that some benign anorectal diseases had a toll on people’s lives and severely impacted their quality of life. Although these ailments are not life-threatening, they can be extremely bothersome since they affect bowel movement, self-confidence, and basic daily tasks. Also, Dr. Guoyi Chen noticed that most hemorrhoid treatments are challenging and with questionable effectiveness.

Because of these obstacles, Dr. Guoyi Chen decided to dedicate his medical practice to focus on benign and common anorectal diseases (e.g., hemorrhoids, anal skin tags, chronic anal fissures, anal abscesses, anal fistulas, Pruritus Ani).  Dr. Guoyi Chen used his rich knowledge of Traditional Chinese medicine and formulated Ba Zhi San anorectal creams. Moreover, he developed unique, safe, and effective anorectal minor surgery techniques. The technique blended with the Ba Zhi San ointment avoids all the complications that we mentioned above. Guoyi Proctology Therapy was formed. The treatment goal is to minimize the external trauma and maximize the natural medicine to remove the defective tissue and the body’s own healing capacities, also ensure that patients recover swiftly after the procedure and with minimal sequala.

In 1979, Dr. Guoyi Chen moved to Xi’an and established the first Piles and Fistula hospital in the region. Since then, this technique has successfully treated thousands of patients who suffer from anorectal diseases such as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, abscesses, and anal fistula. The long experience of Dr. Guoyi Chen in the field of proctology, Chen family introduces unique approach to treating anorectal diseases to world-wide.

Dr. Guoyi Chen has established himself as a preeminent expert in the field, having served as Director of Piles and Fistula at Beijing Chinese Medicine University, as well as Chief Physician of China Oriental Hospital. His techniques and treatments have been introduced throughout the world, including at Columbia University in New York. Dr. Chen has been invited to give lectures in Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, Canada, and the United States on the topic of promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine worldwide.

If we had to summarize this technique in a few points, here’s what we have to say:

Dr. Chen Guoyi - Faculty of Medicine
Dr. Chen Guoyi - Founder of Guoyi Proctology Therapy
Dr. Chen Guoyi
About History
History & Timeline

1979 – The first Hemorrhoid and Fistula hospital opens in Xi’an Shaanxi, China

2000 – Dr. Chen expands the Hemorrhoids and Fistulas hospital across mainland China

2005 – The North American Hemorrhoids Centre (N.A. Hemorrhoids Centre) opens its first clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia

2013 – Dr. Chen’s daughter, Alison Chen, joins the Hemorrhoids Centre team and Guoyi Proctology Therapy begins to incorporate other types of holistic, natural therapies

2020 – The North American Hemorrhoids Centre (N.A. Hemorrhoids Centre) opens its hemorrhoid clinic in Calgary, Alberta

Our Hemorrhoids Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Gene Sotto Ng, B.Sc. (Hons.), ND

Dr. Ng is a licensed and board-certified naturopathic doctor who practices out of our Calgary, Alberta clinic. An honours graduate from the University of Toronto, he holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Integrative Biology. He acquired his Doctorate Degree in Naturopathy and Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM).

Dr. Ng has a mastery of Guoyi Proctology Therapy and specializes in anorectal minor surgery and naturopathic medicine, focusing on:

Dr. Gene Sotto Ng - hemorrhoids doctor in Calgary
Anorectal Treatment- Guoyi Proctology Therapy

Guoyi Proctology therapy — a unique naturopathic modality that combines both minor-surgical and non-surgical procedures with BZS (Ba Zhi San) series ointment, aiming to resolve anal diseases at their root.

The main benefits of Guoyi Proctology Therapy are:

Minor Surgical Treatment

Minor surgical techniques use local anesthesia to perform the incision and excision in a pain-free manner. After that, the full therapeutic effects of the Ba Zhi San ointment are leveraged to ensure the sphincters remain intact. This non-invasive procedure is reserved for addressing specific symptoms. The procedure spans 10 to 40 minutes and is carried out in an outpatient setting.

It is suitable in the following situations:
Some basics about minor surgical treatment include:

Non-Surgical anorectal Treatment

Our exclusive BZS (Ba Zhi San) ointments medicine can detoxify and relieve anal bleeding, perianal pain, and itching. The pharmacological effect dissolves decay and promotes muscle growth, drying of hemorrhoid roots, and wound healing. This helps to resolve hemorrhoids.

Non-Surgical Anorectal Treatment is suitable for:
The benefits of this treatment include:

Post-treatment phase of anorectal disease

Since we understand the importance of post-treatment care, we take a very unique approach to this phase. During the hemorrhoid post-treatment, we focus on stage one, which is a mandatory stage for daily care. This is important since our technique removes the hemorrhoids partially and progressively. Differently put, we do not remove all the hemorrhoids at once.

Stage one of post-treatment care involves the application of the Ba Zhi San Ointment to dry off the hemorrhoids. For this reason, patients can have normal bowel movements from the second day of the surgery. The minimal trauma and application of the Ba Zhi San Ointment eliminates the need for patients to be admitted to the clinic. They can simply drive to the clinic to receive post-treatment care in most of the cases.

The main features of post-treatment are:

BZS (Ba Zhi San) Series Ointment 

General Function

BZS (Ba Zhi San) ointments are cream-based medicines infused with a unique botanical formula that relieves pain, stops bleeding, reduces inflammation and swelling, combat infections, detoxifies the nearby tissues, eliminates slough, and promotes wound healing granulation. Each ointment serves a specific function at a specific location in the anal canal. In other words, your doctor will choose the best BZS (Ba Zhi San) ointments for you based on your symptoms, the location of the lesions, and previous responses to other types.

The BZS (Ba Zhi San) ointments restore proper muscle function and connective tissue, which resolves anal conditions. The pharmacological mechanism of these ointments includes the blockage of venous blood supply and the elimination of moisture from the body.

Personalized Therapy

The application of BZS (Ba Zhi San) ointments achieves an ideal treatment effect that addresses both symptoms and underlying causes, which reduces the treatment duration and prevents recurrence. Tailored formulations of BZS (Ba Zhi San) ointments are created based on diagnosis and symptoms, ensuring effective treatment for specific conditions. Personalized dosages maximize optimal results for each patient.

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A Letter From the Clinic

There is an ancient Chinese philosophy that says slow is fast. The base of our medical philosophy: 慢病缓治. We wish we could find the same poetic expression for it. Chronic disease is treated by a meek strategy. Speaking of hemorrhoids, most cases that come to our clinic are quite serious or severe. Patients hope to get rid of it as fast as possible. One of the most common questions we are asked is, “Does the doctor surgically remove hemorrhoids?” When we mention our Ba Zhi San ointments, they sound a bit disappointed and respond to us, “I am tired of ointments. Nothing works for me.” The Ba Zhi San series of ointments are unlike any other. They target hemorrhoids(piles)/abscess/fistula and help in the growth of healthy tissue for long-term benefits. With Ba Zhi San, the hemorrhoids will fall off within 7-10 days, if you think 7-10 days is slow, compared to 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 years, for long-term benefits, we would say: slow is fast.

There is an ancient Jewish philosophy that says fight a good fight. The most impressive suffering story is Job. After a devastating tragedy, Job sustained to the end and recieved double blessings. After being optimistic and patient, Jacob built up a fortune and married his beloved wife. Personally, we believe life has a tendency to “go down.” If you don’t discipline yourself, you tend to like to sit like a couch potato: eating more and more

junk and disliking exercises. If you don’t take care of your garden, it will grow up with weeds. If you don’t watch over your soul, it will be attacked by passive entertainment. There is a contemporary Jewish Rabbi with a podcast called Happy Warrior. I have to stand as a warrior to fight the negative force, but we also need to be kept happy on the battlefield.

Everyone deserves a wonderful life, we do! We believe!

We got up early, we expect the sunshine of the day.

We go to bed; we expect a sweet dream.

We work hard for playing hard.

We always want the luckiest card in our hands.

Why are those attitudes related to hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are related to quality of life. Hemorrhoids are not something life-threatening, but they are damaging to your quality of life. One of the most common comments expressed from the patients who are under the treatment is, “I am getting my life back!”

Hemorrhoids don’t only cause unbearable pain and frightening bleeding; they also affect people’s emotions. People who are suffering from hemorrhoids tend to be cranky, emotional, irritable, less confident, and even depressed. It doesn’t only affect the big motions, it affects sitting and walking. Turning right, moving left, stepping forward, going backwards, bending down or stretching out, you never know how this small area on the lower body plays such an important role in our daily life.

We want to thank all our patients.

Thank you for your trust.

Thank you for your respect.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you for your commitment.

Thank you for your patience.

You are an unbeatable happy warrior to win the battle and you deserve sincere Congratulations!

We hope to not see you in the clinic again with the same medical issue, but we love to see you shining in your next stage of life!