Your Initial Visit

During your initial visit, we perform an anoscope exam. The andoscopy involves inserting a small tube to check the lining of the anus and rectum. We also perform a digital rectal exam (finger exam) if needed. Once these checks have been completed, our doctors will provide you with a diagnosis, a detailed treatment plan, including the estimated cost. If desired, we can complete the first treatment within your very initial visit.


We’ll begin your first visit by getting a brief family and medical history and asking questions regarding  any previous hemorrhoid-related concerns you’ve experienced. The information we gather helps our doctors determine the most probable cause of your hemorrhoid.


Following the medical history intake, we perform an anoscope exam using a high-resolution camera to
screen the anorectal area (inside and outside the anus) and to detect the hemorrhoid type, location, size, etc. The anoscopy involves inserting a small tube to check the lining of the anus and rectum. We also perform a digital rectal exam (finger exam) if needed. These tests help us determine the severity of your


Once these checks have been completed, our doctors will have enough information to provide you with a professional diagnosis. The doctor will clearly rule out certain conditions and determine the disease or diseases which may be related to your anorectal symptoms. In addition to hemorrhoids, the diagnosis may include anal fissures, fistulas, abscess, skin tags, papilla, polls, anal cancer, or Crohn’s disease.

Treatment Plan

The doctor will provide a detailed treatment plan for long-term remission and permanent resolution of
hemorrhoids. You can start scheduling your pre-treatment, main treatment, and post-treatment appointments right away. We schedule the entire treatment plan to allow you to prepare for your appointments and make accommodations to minimize the impact on your work and other responsibilities.

Quote For Fees

Once the condition has been fully explained, we will provide a price based on your unique diagnosis and treatment plan. One of our patient coordinators will explain the details of the treatment schedule, required self-care, etc., and ask for your consent to start treatment.

Immediate Treatment

We will complete the first round of treatment within your very first visit to the clinic. Depending on your
condition and the severity of your symptoms, this initial treatment may include naturopathic treatment, microsurgery, suppository administration, or another hemorrhoid treatment.

Your Main treatment visit

At N.A. Hemorrhoids Centre-Calgary, we use minor surgical and non surgical methods for hemorrhoid treatment and other anorectal procedures. Which methods may be combined with Ba Zhi San ointment depending on your situation. The minor surgery is an in-office minor surgery performed by our doctors in the clinic and requires little to no downtime. The entire procedure takes between 10-40 minutes andrequires only a local anesthetic.

Your post-treatment visits

Post treatment is essential part in your entire treatment course, which determines your ideal final results. Especially the first phrase is mandatory and necessary. It is also a high-quality care you will receive for your anorectal health. The proprietary Ba Zhi San ointment aids in the shrinking and removal of hemorrhoids. The balm comes in five different formulas and is proven to stop bleeding and control hemorrhoid-related pain as well as fistulas and fissures. It also improves blood flow and circulation to help prevent future hemorrhoids and other anorectal conditions. The Ba Zhi San ointment applications require daily dressing changes for the duration of your treatment plan.

Your final recheck visit

We recheck and reassess patients post treatment to ensure you will continue to live life pain-free. While our treatment is designed to continue until the hemorrhoid is completely cleared, our rechecks provide peace of mind and long-term satisfaction for patients.